I Can't Stand My Baby

Friday, Apr. 08, 2005

I went home from work early last night so that I could take AM shopping for a carpet for her bf's flat- he was at work. On the way in a queue of traffic I edged gently forward, while listening to the dulcet tones of Essex FM. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that the woman behind me was not looking where she was going, and then BANG! She bumped into the back of us. She was so apologetic and there was only a small dent that I let it go. When we got the carpet shop we found that they were about to close, and then we got caught in a hail storm. So we didn't even get a carpet in the end.

I picked Old Annie up from parents' evening, and we went for a quick drink. I was supposed to be running but I thought 'Fuck it, my back's aching and I just can't be bothered.' Old Annie gave me a load of grief because I'd watched the last episode of 'Life Begins' that she'd taped the night before, when she wanted us to watch it together. Later I found out that she'd done the crossword all on her own. We usually do it (the crossword) in bed taking turns to do a clue each. So 15 all I think.

Favourite at the Moment: I Can't Stand My Baby by the Rezillos

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