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Friday, May. 30, 2003

You may have noticed that I haven't said much about running lately. After the London Marathon I had a couple of weeks off from it, but now I'm looking towards my next goal which is to do a decent time over a much shorter distances, around 5 miles or so. A few years ago I managed to run 5 miles in under 35 mins and I'd really like to get back to that sort of form. I don't know if I can manage that again. I was younger then, single, although Old Annie and were dating we weren't living together. I had plenty of time to go running if I wanted. I didn't have to worry about anyone else. Ah those carefree days. In fact before I met Old Annie I did a lot of running because I hadn't anything better to do.

I went to the running club last night. At this time of year with the warm summer evenings we're not restricted to the mean streets of Chelmsford, but are able to run in the coutryside (what's left of it). I managed to get lost and was happily halfway down the A12 to Colchester before someone spotted me and called me back. What a dork!

Let's go back in time to Tuesday evening. Old Annie, TBG, AM and I went to a pub quiz with 2 of Old Annie's collegues (who happen to be married to each other). AM was with her friend and they wanted to have a game of pool, but they got thrown out of the bar area because they were (and still are) too young. So they went outside and played on the playground, but then they got thrown off that because they were too old! So I took them home in between rounds. We'd never been to the quiz at this pub before and we found it really challenging, much better than the one we were used to. There were anagrams, films to be identified from stills, songs to be identified from lyrics, as well as regular questions. We came 3rd out of 9 teams which was pretty good. TBG was on good form with the anagrams, although he was supposed to be our secret weapon for sports questions but there weren't many of those.

I like quizzes, you always learn something. Did you know that 7% of a fart is methane? No me neither, but I won't forget for the longest time.

Favourite song today: Pennyroyal Tea-Nirvana

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